Very Merry Scrapbooking Kits

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 We are pleased to announce the release of our fabulous new AED Very Merry Scrapbooking Kits.
3 Kits will be available to ship with our new Very Merry MyCuts on Thursday 29th September 2005.

These kits are still being put together and we are very excited about how they are looking.
The image below is part of the packaging for the Blue Angel kit and it lists the contents of the kit and shows an example double layout that can be made from the kit.
Please click on the image below for a larger image
All kits include AED paper and MyCuts as well as ribbon and brads.
We are very excited about the kits and hope you enjoy using them.

Very Merry Blue Angel Scrapbooking Kit

This Kit contains

            3 sheets of 12x12 Acid Free
               Scrapbooking Papers
            1 sheet of A4 Acid Free
               Scrapbooking Paper
            1 sheet of Acid Free
               cardstock AED MyCuts
            20 cms white Ribbon
            35 cms red Ribbon
            6 white Brads

            Rec. retail $9.95


The images below show the remaining two kit contents and the example layouts that will feature on their packaging.  Please click these images to view larger images.

Very Merry Seasons Greetings Scrapbooking Kit



Very Merry Xmas Cheer Scrapbooking Kit



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